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15 Watt Bayonet Full Spectrum Daylight Bulb
15 Watt Bayonet Full Spectrum Daylight Bulb  

15 Watt Bayonet B22 Bulb

This is our very latest 15 Watt Full Spectrum Daylight bulb.  It has an improved design to hold the tube more securely, improved electronics, and is more compact, but
for the same price as the previous model.

Before you read about the benefits of full spectrum lighting just read this first about energy saving with these daylight bulbs:

Energy Savings: Assuming 8p per unit, over 10,000 hours the 15W uses 150KW costing approx £12. A 60W ordinary bulb would use 600KW costing £48 over the same period. The saving in electricity cost would therefore be £36, which is over 3 times the cost of the bulb. So you can save money and have full spectrum lighting in your home!!

Our daylight bulbs have a colour Temperature equivalent to Noon daylight, use 75% less energy then standard bulbs, produce excellent colour rendering and contrast for reading.

* Convenient source of full spectrum light at any time
* Colour Temperature equivalent to Noon daylight (6,000 Kelvin)
* CRI (Colour Rendering Index) of 95
* Full rainbow colour spectrum with accurate natural colours
* High contrast improves visibility and reading comfort
* Uses up to 75% less energy than standard bulbs
* These bulbs last much longer than standard bulbs

Until 150 years ago most people worked outdoors, and obtained enough natural sunlight every day of the year. Windows filter out many parts of the light spectrum. Professor Dr. Fritz Hollwich, Director of the University Eye Hopsital in Munster, discovered that only around 25% of the light absorbed by our eyes is used directly for vision, the other 75% travels via the optic pathways to the brain and hypothalamus - the body's chief control system. This controls the nervous system and endocrine system, affecting amongs other things our glandular and hormone system.

Irradiation with sunlight increases the number of white blood cells, most of the lymphocytes, causing an upsurge in the defences against infectious diseases. It also stimulates the formation of Interferon, thereby preventing viruses from proliferating. Our bodies need clear information about day and night in order to regulate our waking and sleeping phases and the biorhythms associated with this. When it is dark more melatonin is produced, which signals to the body that it is time to sleep. On the other hand bright full-spectrum light suppresses the production of melatonin. If parts of the light spectrum are missing, the body can enter a twilight state, comatose, neither fully awake nor asleep. To summarise the human body has developed over millions of years with daily exposure to natural sunlight. Working indoors has removed much of this natural resource from our lives, but it can be closely replicated with full spectrum bulbs.

N.B. Because these daylight bulbs are energy efficient they produce very little heat, and are therefore safe to use in almost all fittings and with lamp shades if desired

This 15 Watt bulb (750 Lumens) replaces standard 60 Watt bulbs
Size approx: 12.5cm x 4.5cm (includes fitting)

Price: £6.95
Normal Price: £8.12
You Save: £1.17
% Saved: 14.41%

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